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Gena Full Grain Leather Belt

Gena Full Grain Leather Belt

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A full grain leather belt without a buckle is a versatile and customizable option that allows you to pair it with any buckle you desire. Since it doesn't have an incorporated buckle, this belt allows you to choose the buckle that best suits your style and outfit.

The absence of a buckle in this type of belt also means that it's easy to adjust and put on. Simply slide the end of the belt through the loops and adjust it to the desired length for a comfortable and secure fit.

The quality of the full grain leather used in making this type of belt ensures superior durability and resistance, which means it can last for many years with proper care. Overall, a full grain leather belt without a buckle is a practical and stylish option that allows you to customize your outfit and have a long-lasting accessory.


The perfect fit every time

Take a tape and slip it through your pant loops. You look, and see that it measures 36 inches. That is the size you should order. You can do the same with a string and then measure the string with a tape measure.

Buying a gift for someone? A good guess would be...

If you don't have a tape you can estimate fairly accurately by knowing that our belts run small and typically need to be ordered 2-4 sizes larger than your pant size. If you wear a size 32 pants you want to order a size 34 or 36. But also don't worry. If you ship the belt back to us we will send you an exchange free of charge.

How We Size Our Belts

The size of our belt corresponds to the measurement, in inches, from the third hole (middle hole) of the belt to the end of the buckle pin. That way whatever your waist measurement is in inches, that's the size you should order.

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