Collection: Travel Leather Money Belts

Need to carry around some emergency cash and a copy of your passport and not have to worry about it? Our Leather Money Belt Collection is a subtle option that is also great for everyday use. 

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How much money can I fit in my Atitlan Leather Money Belt? How Should I fold the Bills?

Our Leather Money Belts are the optimal width of 1.5 inches wide, the width of a standard pair of jean's belt loops. You will need to fold the bills several times for it to fit properly. As seen in the video, the  bills are folded three times.  We use a quality YKK zipper that is 19 inches in length.  That will fit six bills side by side. Fold 2-4 bills at a time to achieve greatest carry amount of $2400 carrying $100 bills.


Interchangeable Buckle Feature & Extra Belt Loop

I love the our interchangeable buckle feature. Unsnap and remove the 1.5-inch buckle and replace it with your own unique style of the day. We provide two options when it comes to the belt loop; a leather and metal one.


Suede Money Belt VS. Full Grain Leather Money Belt

Our belts come in both in full grain leather and suede. Suede is a great option as it starts to take on a personality of its own as it wears. It stains and marks up easier than the full grain. Depending on your personality this could be a desired feature. I know I like it. Full grain is more durable and resistant.  If you're not sure grab one of each.  


Leather Hip Bag or Leather Money Belt?

We added the Leather Hip back the collection of travel money belts because it does have an interior zipper pocket that isn't seen unless removed.  While the hip bag isn't as concealing as the leather money belts, it does allow for increased practical use.  Not having to stuff your pockets full of items or having to bring an extra bag just for those small but necessary items is a big plus for some.