Collection: Handmade Accordion Wallets

Our collection of Leather Accordion wallets are beautifully handcrafted with full grain leather. Works perfect as a coin purse and card wallet, but also versatile enough for other purposes. It's up to you. Free shipping and returns!

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Accordion Wallet Collection by Atitlan Leather

We are proud to present our leather accordion wallet collection.  It was one of the first wallet we designed and began selling in 2011 and continues to be our best selling wallet. While over the years we've seen similar wallets, nothing quite matches the value you receive when you get one of ours.  

It's handmade from vegetable tanned full grain leather.  The leather is called creisy, meaning it's a bit crazy and takes on a personality of it's own as bends and creases leave it's mark.  No two wallets are exactly the same except the black color. Some find this beautiful, while other prefer an homogenous color.  We like to think this expresses a value we hold dear, diversity.  

At first glance the wallet may seem impracticable, but we assure you it isn't. It's probably the most versatile wallets you'll ever own. So that you get an idea, we're going to go over what we've found to be the best uses.  

It makes a great Leather Coin Purse

When you unsnap the first snap it opens two of the five compartments.  This is where you'll probably be spending the most time (there or the exterior pocket on the back of the wallet intended to for quick access to cards).  These two spaces are the largest of the pockets and makes it the most convenient place to store your change and cash.  It also perfectly fits cards, too.  Here it serves nicely as a wallet with change purse.

The perfect Card Holder Wallet | Business Card Wallet

Do you hand out business cards often?  Or hold a lot of cards in general? Keep them nicely organized in our accordion wallet.  I like to use the very front pocket for important cards that don't need to be shown often like identification or a spare credit card. Then you have three other pockets to organize your cards.  The large pocket expands and opens quite large if needed, up to 2''.  That can fit a fat stack of business cards.  At first, it might be a little tight, but over time the leather stretches to your needs.  


What do you use your accordion wallet for?  Please share in the Q&A on the product page, we would love to hear from you!