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Custom Chukka Boots

Custom Chukka Boots

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There's nothing like a real pair of handmade leather boots. The way they smell when you first get them, the smooth patina the worn leather shines, and best of all how only your foot fits in what seems to be the perfect fitting boot.

If you've never experienced this then you'll be pleasantly surprised with any of our leather boots.

Our Custom Best Mens Chukka Boots are handcrafted down to the sole using the goodyear welt construction method; guaranteeing a long-lasting and comfortable boot. 

It's our handmade leather soles that really make our boots special. With only a few wears the sole will begin molding to your foot's shape.

On the bottom, we apply a thin rubber lining to prevent slipping. Our favorite feature of the soles other than their beautiful aesthetics is the fact that after years of use and abuse you can get them resoled.

Choose from over a dozen different colors of leather. Our PDF guides you step by step on how to accurately measure your foot for the perfect fit every time. 

To get your own pair please place an order and download the PDF HERE.  

Choose A Color

Crazy Amarilla
Crazy Liso
Crazy Mamut Caboa
Crazy Natural
Duna Cafe
Duna Caramelo
Duna Negra
Duna Vino Tinto
Fino Cafe
Fino Grabado
Fosil Cafe
Mamut Cafe
Fino Negro
Reno Cafe
Reno Gena
Nubok Azul

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Our women's lace up ankle boots are handcrafted with a brogue design on the toe. The handmade leather sole is attached to the boot using the good year welt construction method. Without getting into the technicalities of why it's the best, and most difficult, method of attaching a sole to a boot, it means that you are able to resole the boot. So after years of use and abuse, you can stop by your local cobbler and replace the sole. Also, we've just upgraded our insoles for an even more comfortable fit.

If you've never experienced real leather boots with a leather sole you're in for a treat; also you might want to take a gander at our blog piece on how to take care of your leather boots. This will help you understand what you're in for. If you want to get the most out of these boot you have to give them a bit of TLC, but as you will find out, it's well worth it. Also, don't forget to pick up some leather balm with your purchase as this stuff is great for your boots and you'll get a lot more out of them.

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