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We carry an assortment of unique leather gifts for him. Great for anniversaries, birthdays and more. Free shipping and returns!

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Handmade Leather Gifts for Him

There are a million things you can get him.  Question is if he'll use it or just toss it in her “pile of nice gestures”.  We've always believed that handmade leather items are an excellent gift idea for him for a few reasons.  First, it's practical.  That's important as he will be able to regularly use the item and therefor think of that person who gifted it often.  Second, leather lasts.  The item might be useful, but if it falls apart in a few months it's not nearly as good as one of our items that will last years to come. Lastly, our items are unique. These aren't mass produced where everyone has one.  Each of our items are carefully handcrafted.  They're the item that people look at and say, wow, where did you get that? Impress him today with a gift from Atitlan Leather.