Handmade Leather Bags

Black Leather Wristlet Wallet & Leather Crossbody Purse


With so many features our small leather accordion wallet is one of our favorite ways to carry cards, change, and small items.

But a few potential issues still remained. What if you don't have any pockets and what about your cell phone?

We united everything we love about our small leather accordion wallet with the practicalities of life.

Our Interchangeable Black Leather Wristlet Wallet & Leather Crossbody Purse was the result.

Five separate pockets make it easy to organize your belongings. The center pocket is wide enough to fit your cell phone.

Three accordion-style dividing pockets keep everything organized. One zipper pocket located on the back is quickly accessible.  

Every black accordion wallet comes with two straps; one wristlet strap and one crossbody strap.

To turn your leather crossbody purse into a wristlet wallet unhook the crossbody strap and hook on your wristlet strap.

This multi useability allows you to take your beautiful handmade wallet to any event.

Beyond its great appearance and utility, the wallet is built with the strongest and most durable materials we can find.

Our leather is full-grain vegetable-tanned, 6 times stronger than buffed, upholstery, or genuine leather.

Made from only the highest quality materials you'll be certain this handmade women's leather wallet will last.

For a better look at how our accordion-style wallet works check out this video!