This And That About Vagabond Stars

This And That About Vagabond Stars

Collaboration is an essential part of entrepreneurship. It allows individuals or groups to share ideas and accomplish a variety of different tasks. When done correctly, both sides can prosper. So, Atitlan leather would like to thank Vagabond Stars for associating with the team and allowing us to find some friends along the way. 

Why And Where To Follow

Chelsea and Eli are the co-founders of the website. They are free spirits so to speak that enjoy traveling, making things with their hands, and getting the most out of life. Recently, the couple had their first child, so congrats are in order. Raising a little tike doesn't seem to slow them down a bit; they still venture out to show their little one all that life has to offer. Interested parties can contact them or find out about their antics directly on the site. However, those that want to take things a step further should feel free to follow them via...

Inspiration At Its Finest

There are loads of reasons to check out their pages. For one, it is full of inspiration and motivation from top to bottom. There is a blog that talks about all kinds of topics. The posts are insightful, offer tips, and help you remain ready to go wherever your travels take you. An entire page is dedicated to recipes, which not only sound easy to prepare but look scrumptious as well. As if all of these things weren't enough to make you want to visit the website, there's more.

Additionally, there is a free ebook available too. It is called Take A Leap, and it is the perfect read for anyone that is tired of the traditional rat-race. This step by step guide is the ideal tool to teach a person to become a professional travel photographer. It is an excellent choice for those that are sick of a regular 9 to 5 job and want something more. The book allows people to see that there is life outside of the cubicle. So, stop by the site, enter the correct information, and download your copy. The world is too big and beautiful not to explore for yourself. Hence, don't delay any longer. Instead, get up and make your dreams come true today. 

With our basic essentials you will be ready to travel just like Chelsea and Eli. Our handcrafted leather products are perfect for your next weekend trip. 

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