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Everything you need to know about Atitlan Leather’s Custom Leather Boots

Ordering custom fit boots online and getting something that fits can be a tricky process.  We’ve been doing this for years and have successfully refined the process to ensure a good fitting boot. In this piece we explore reasons someone would order a pair of custom leather boots and some of the challenges of ordering them online.

Reasons to buy a pair of custom leather boots

There are several reasons to have a custom leather boot made for you.  Let’s start off with the practical ones:

  • If you like tall boots but can’t find boots that fit your athletic calves.
  • Your foot varies by ½ size or more from each forcing you to wear only one properly fitting footwear, or both subtly wrong.
  • Feet are too wide or narrow.  In more extreme cases you might have bunions in your foot and need a specific part of the boot to be a bit wider in that area. 
  • You want to choose specific design customizations such as leather color, zipper location, and buckles or lack there of

If you have problems with any of these, you’ve come to the right place!    

Additional benefits to Custom Handmade Leather Boots

Beyond the ability to make the boots to a custom measurement you’ll be happy with your choice for several other reasons: 

  • Our boots are 100% handmade out of full grain leather (minus the thin rubber lining on the bottom and the buckles) using the Goodyear welt method.  What does this mean for you as someone who has a difficult time fitting into shoes?  It means that after a few hours of wearing the boot the leather sole will begin molding to your foot.  That you have a bit more leeway in finding good fitting footwear when wearing leather opposed to other materials as it really ends up shaping to your foot. 
  • For those who like a good leather boot with a custom look have a good reason to consider our product as well.  With over a dozen different leather colors to choose from you can mix and match to fit what you’re looking for.  Want a taller shaft? Don’t like the buckle or strap?  Or maybe you want to add some?  In any case, we’re happy to accommodate your requests.  For example, one customer asked for an interior pocket in the inner lining of her tall leather boots.  Great idea!


The Challenge of a good fitting boot 

This is simple, but you would be surprised on how many people don’t do it and that is FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!  It’s not uncommon for us to ask again when numbers look suspicious. Standing on the piece of paper and having someone trace your foot is very important as the weight on your foot changes the distribution of your foot.

This is also why we've decided to go an easier route asking for just the shoe size and calf measurements for less complicated cases. If it's the case you need to provide foot measurements please contact us and we will give you the proper forms.


Important things to consider while measuring

The instructions tell you how you need to measure your foot and calf.  Please measure to the 16th of an inch or mm.  A 1/8 of an inch can make a difference between a good fitting boot and an OK fitting boot.  The more precise the better.

Make sure someone traces your foot for you on the piece of paper while you are standing up.  Why?  Because under your weight your foot occupies more space.

Important note for Tall Leather Boots:  When measuring your calf and there is no change to the shaft length, please measure the largest circumference 13'' from the bottom of your heel.  If you request higher or lower boot please measure at that distance from your heel or the widest part of your calf. If you have large ankles a measurement above your ankle would be helpful as well.   

DO NOT add space to your measurement.  We will add that so at minimum a pair of pants can fit in the shaft as well.


We've decided not to offer the snail mail option and go with a 2-3 week delivery. Turnover for the boots is roughly 1-2 weeks, then we ship them via DHL international express service from Guatemala which takes 3-7 days to anywhere in the world.  We were able to save US customers $20 in shipping by adding their shipment to one of our larger shipments, but that took sometimes up to three months and it wasn't uncommon to receive a million emails asking how their order was coming along.   

Return Policy

A common question we get is “what happens if they don’t fit?  Do I get a refund?”  While this doesn’t happen often, less than 5% of the time, we happily offer to make you another pair but do so with the request that you send the original pair back to us.     

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