Mens Brown Leather Hip Bag


Textured Brown
Brown Suede

The Mens Brown Leather Hip Bag is for those who are practical and like quality handmade items. It's an easy way to keep everything you need on hand and hardly notice you're carrying it.

Ideal items it's designed to carry are a small wallet, travel documents, and a phone. As opposed to a purse or wallet you won't forget it anywhere since it's attached to your waist.

You also don't have to worry about not having pockets or having to fill them to the brim. Our hip bag comes in full-grain and suede leather. It has three pockets. Two exterior pockets are for larger items such as your phone and wallet.

The hidden interior zipper pocket is for those items you don't need on hand and want to keep from getting lost or stolen.

If you've never been one to wear hip bags, I challenge you to try ours. It will end up being one of the coolest things you've ever worn, and you'll be wondering how you got along without one.


Large Pocket

Small Pocket
Height: 5''
Width: 3''

Back pocket
Length: 8''
Zipper: YKK

Waist Size
28'' - 38 ''