Brown Leather Camera Strap


We know you want to bring your camera with you everywhere. After all, you can’t let a memory slip away! But you also don't want to look like an amateur while taking the shot. If a neck strap is how you prefer to carry your camera then it’s time to get rid of that logo around your neck. Replace it with something better.

Our Handmade Brown Leather Camera Strap is a great option. It's made by leather artisans using full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. This strong material is soft and easily wraps around your hand for when you want to secure it to your wrist. With use, the leather will develop the sought-after smooth patina. The neckband is decorated with a strip of leather brought together by rivets making it unique to our other camera strap collection. The cut edges are hand-painted black. The loops that hold the adjustable straps are hand-tied making the strap even more special.

Don't forget to get one of these camera straps for your next adventure with your camera! Your camera will look so good it will want to take a selfie!

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A very nice product

A very nice product

Muhammad s.

Top quality, gorgeous camera strap,

Top quality, gorgeous camera strap, with this beautifull smell of real leather. Delivery a little late, but customer service tuned.

Puertas L.
Atitlan Leather

Sorry about the strap being late. The holidays were surprisingly busy!